From Fragile Flyscreens to Tough Security Screens…

When were your security screens last cleaned? Can you even remember when that was? Don’t worry, you are not alone. Far from it, in fact. 

The scary truth is that most security screens are never cleaned.

Dirt is never an attractive sight. And this is certainly the case when it comes to security screens. Dirty security screens look bad and detract from the appearance of a home or office. And you certainly don’t want filth in your home where your family spends so much of their time. But it’s far more than that…

Dirty security screens can have a negative impact on the security of your home.

The reason that security screens were put in place was to protect your home and your family. Security screens are built to last a long time, which gives you peace of mind. 

Crimsafe security screens? Not a problem!

However, neglecting to have your security screens cleaned has significant ramifications. Did you know that dirty screens shorten the lifetime of the product? This probably comes as a surprise, but it is a fact. So much so that leaving your security screens dirty voids product warranty.

This is even more important if you live close to the bay. As you are no doubt aware, your property’s proximity to the water increases the rate of rust and corrosion. Your security screens are not exempt from this. Living close to the bay means that salt deposits will cause corrosion of your security screens.

Corroded security screens will cease to be as effective. This not only has implications for the product warranty but for your family’s safety. 

It is imperative to prevent the accumulation of dirt and salt deposits on your security screens.

The solution is to take preventative measures. This means employing an expert security cleaning service. Not only will we prolong the life of your security screens, but we will also help you maintain the product warranty. 

Most importantly, having your security screens cleaned professionally will ensure that they are an effective safety measure for your family as long as possible.


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