Making Your Home Sweet Again

Home Style Cleaning is a domestic cleaning company started by Kristina in 2018. Given that this is a new business does not mean that it’s inexperienced. Kristina’s background comes from the hospitality experience and education. Having spent 9 years in hotels and restaurants she has a good understanding of quality, high standards and customer care.

The business was started after numerous attempts to find home cleaners to do Kristina’s own house cleaning. Throughout her experiences, she found that there were very few cleaners that actually could do the job well. She also learned that many cleaners whom she tried did not have any customer communication skills and were hardly punctual.

Home Style Cleaning is a business aimed at not just cleaning, but solving the problem of keeping a clean and organised home. While this may sound like an easy statement, it is a mission that the business is focused on.

Our vision is to provide services to customers who value their time and wish to use it on tasks other than cleaning. Our cleaning services are affordable and our staff come trained for the job.

We look forward to working with you.

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